I'm a multidisciplinary visual artist, working mainly in illustration and sometimes also in photography, video, animation and 3D paper modelling.

My work explores different ideas of the city and urban environments, both real and imagined, and the relationship between those environments, their inhabitants and the flow of energy that passes amongst them.

I take inspiration from the things around me; buildings, geometric shapes and a vivid colour pallet appear frequently noting childhood influences and the pulsating rhythms of city life and music.

 I work using a combination of traditional and digital techniques, layers of shape, colour and fine line drawings are layered several times before a piece is finished, an important process that creates an interesting dialogue and allows room for the work to evolve naturally.

I have been commissioned by record labels to produce sleeve designs; produced artwork for festivals; designed and installed large props for stage and video productions; designed posters for gigs and events and installed decor for club nights.

In addition, I sometimes DJ and do live visuals and have previously run a film night Elsewhere Cinema, two independent artist spaces and a community cinema 58% & Liverpool Small Cinema.

Contact: Jo@Jomotopia.co.uk

Follow: @Jomotopia